Enhancing quality through student engagement

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Author(s)Eve Lewis
Scotland’s tertiary education system has been focused on quality enhancement since the creation of the Quality Enhancement Framework in 2003. Whilst still having a place for quality assurance, the Framework has put the focus more on the enhancement of quality and engaging students effectively within learning and teaching. An enhancement model includes involving students within quality mechanisms, but it should also focus on enabling students to shape their own learning experience. This workshop will outline the role of sparqs (student participation in quality Scotland) in ensuring students are effectively engaged in quality. Participants will then explore their own and each other’s understanding of involving students in quality assurance and enhancement. The workshop will introduce a number of concepts and tools used to engage students in quality which participants will be given the opportunity to discuss and critique. This workshop will be of interest to anyone who wants to explore an enhancement approach and enable successful engagement of students within quality processes and the learning experience.
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