Assessment of Quality Cultures in Higher Education Institutions – First Results from the heiQUALITY Cultures Project

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Author(s)Christine Sattler, Katja Götzen, Karlheinz Sonntag
The implementation of quality assurance and quality development procedures constitutes one of the major challenges in the management of higher education institutions (HEIs). In this context the term quality culture has gained increasing attention. Quality culture refers to an organizational-psychological perspective, which focuses on shared values and commitment towards quality among HEI members. In spite of its ascribed significance, the empirical assessment of quality culture has hardly been addressed systematically so far.
This paper summarizes first results of the heiQUALITY Cultures Project, which aims at developing an empirical Quality Culture Inventory. First we provide the results of a systematic literature review concerning the assessment of quality culture. In a second step we present the results of 41 expert interviews on potential components of quality culture. Finally, the results are discussed and integrated into a comprehensive assessment model, which will be the basis for developing the actual Quality Culture Inventory.
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