Yes, There is Impact. But is it Positive, Negative or “None of the Above”? The case of Faculty of Sciences and Faculty of Biosciences of the University Autonoma de Barcelona

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Author(s)Anna Prades, Susana Segura, NĂºria Marzo
Within the system of external quality assurance of the education programmes in the Spanish Higher Education system, and in its phase of ex-ante accreditation (program approval), a provisional report released by the external assurance agency is included. This report contains requirements (compulsory) and recommendations. Thus, there is no doubt that the process generates impact. The question to consider is whether the impact adds value or not. This paper analyses each of the changes required and suggested in the provisional reports of 12 masters of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, which were evaluated by the Commission of Sciences of AQU Catalunya between 2012 and 2013. The results show that the education proposals of 2013 respond better to the assessment requirements of the program approval than those of 2012, but only in relation to the non-academic aspects. Regarding the evaluation added value, it is observed that the different stakeholders show agreements, but also divergences. Some of these divergences are unavoidable because stakeholders represent different perspectives of quality; others, however, point the way towards areas for improvement.
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