Stéphane Lauwick, President of EURASHE

Stéphane Lauwick is the director of the Institute of Technology, University Le Havre Normandy. He is the Vice-President for International Affairs of the French Association of Directors of University Institutes of Technology. The network has links with more than 50 countries, is involved in student mobility and educational engineering worldwide. As the President of EURASHE, the association representing Professional Higher Education and Universities of Applied Sciences in the Bologna Process, he actively promotes the role of Professional Higher Education as a provider of competences to respond to the aspirations of citizens and the needs of labour markets in emerging, industrial and post-industrial economies. He views applied research as a fundamental contributor in the drive-by UAS to strengthen their regional ecosystems.

Stéphane Lauwick (France), 10th President of EURASHE (2015 – present)

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