Jon Altuna

Academic Vice-Rector at Mondragon University since 2011, received his Ph.D degree in signal processing and electronics engineering from the University of Edinburgh (UK) in 1997. He worked as a lecturer and researcher at the Faculty of Engineering of Mondragon University since 1997 and was appointed Academic Coordinator of the Faculty of Engineering in 2007 where he was involved in competence based curriculum design and quality assurance. In his current position, he is mainly involved in the development of (dual) co-operative education, internationalisation of higher education and educational innovation, in particular in the development of the MENDEBERRI 2025 educational model. He has worked closely with different stakeholders in educational innovation and social transformation projects in Spain, Colombia, México, Morocco and Kenya. He is President of the Lea Artibai Vocational Training College, evaluator of QA systems with AQU Catalunya and member of the Social Management Committee of Mondragon Co-operative Group.