Jelizaveta Janno

Jelizaveta Janno is proficient in scientific as well as in practical activities with regards to the field of logistics. Her main contribution concerning research activities is related to risk management and impact of a human factor in road transport of dangerous goods. She has been researched this topic over ten years and given a great effort into improving dangerous goods training model in Estonia. Jelizaveta’s personal ambition is to develop and promote speciality of logistics among youngsters. As a lecturer and a tutor at TTK University of Applied Sciences, she has been mentoring students organising annual Students’ Logistics Seminar within the learning process that has grown into the signature indicator of a logistics speciality. She has never given up a connection to the practical world of work. Being a representative of an international carrier company gives her on a daily basis significant know-how and improves her skills to be better in research and teaching activities. She has been a member of PROLOG Estonian Supply Chain Organisation of Estonia since 2005 and a founder member of PROLOG Logistics Club in 2017 that unites the young generation of logistics enthusiasts in Estonia.