HEI-ON Final Conference on the technical implementation of ECTS

HEI-ON_announcementThe HEION Network has brought together a number of European HEIs holding the ECTS Label to address an important part of current challenges for the technical implementation of ECTS by designing, developing and testing a prototype online tool for the realization of the ECTS Learning Agreement. This tool is intended to be used by any interested institution and will simplify and facilitate the development and dispatch of ECTS Learning Agreements in an online environment.

As a credit transfer mechanism, ECTS is the most often used instrument in use in the European Higher Education Area. Yet the technical implementation of ECTS in a student mobility context still faces serious difficulties, notably in terms of the administrative workload it involves for administrative staff, students and academic staff in HEIs.

In order to present the online tool and to provide more details on the work of the different Work Package teams the Network is organising the HEION final conference on October 29-30 in Leuven (Belgium), with amongst others Adam Tyson, Head of Erasmus at the European Commission with a keynote speech on ‘ECTS+ in Erasmus+’.