HAPHE update: drafting a definition for PHE

HAPHE_logo_2The HAPHE project (Harmonising Approaches to Professional Higher Education in Europe) has currently reached the second stage in its development and after Mapping Professional Higher Education in Europe, the wide examination of the different approaches to PHE provision through desk research and an empirical Europe-wide survey, the consortium will soon publish the Country Profiles of PHE Provision in 15 European Union countries.

The next phase within this EURASHE core project now consists of incorporating the findings into the experts discussion in order to Characterise Professional Higher Education and highlight quality criteria for each defined characteristic. To this end the HAPHE project organised an Expert Group meeting held on 9 September in Stuttgart (Germany). The first in a series of drafting workshops aiming at establishing a European definition for professional higher education. To ensure the high level expert view within the larger context, besides the 6 consortium experts, two external experts on European higher education have been invited to contribute to the discussion: Guy Haug (France) and Jiří Nantl (Czech Republic).

During the full day workshop, following the presentation and stocktaking on the Europe-wide PHE surveys, suggestions on an initial set of PHE characteristics were put forward. These characteristics aim at arriving at a model for a European definition of PHE. Characteristics on the institutional level were also discussed. The workshop concluded by starting discussions on the potential qualitative features of PHE characteristics using a Diversity Matrix.

The HAPHE Expert Group second meeting will be organised on 12 November and will focus on further developing the above mentioned concepts and deal with PHE Quality Criteria. The final set of proposed definition and characterstics will be presented to European stakeholders in early 2014 in a series of local, national and European Validation Seminars.

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