Technology Transfer Centre (TTC)


Technology Transfer Centre (TTC)

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Tallinn Technical School (TTK UAS)

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Research, Development & Innovation


multi-stakeholders cooperation, world of work


The Technology Transfer Centre (TTC) is a structural unit of the Tallinn University of Technology, the aim of which is the management of research between enterprises and higher education institutions, the implementation of the results of the research and development of the TEC in society, and the provision of the necessary administrative services.

The main objective of the Department’s activities is to initiate the internal research, development and creative activity of TTK, and coordinate the development of applied technological solutions focused on entrepreneurship and the development of new enterprises, incl. Aiding the creation of start-up companies.

The TTC serves as a link between enterprises and Faculties: reciprocally mediates technology transfer opportunities, develops business contacts and builds national and international relationships with other similar RDI centres and institutions to exchange technology transfer related information. In general, research at UAS, by its nature, is mainly applied research. Principal partners of TTK UAS RDI are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Lessons learnt 

Thanks to the combination of theoretical and practical training, graduates of vocational education and training courses based on a dual system offered by the Berufsakademien and Duale Hochschule are well prepared for working life during their actual studies

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Oliver Kallas

Head of Business Center, TTK UAS


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TTK UAS for HAPHE project, 2013-2015


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