Poliempreende Contest


Poliempreende Contest

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CCISP – The Portuguese Polytechnics Coordinating Council

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Mission/Role of Professional Higher Education

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cross-sectoral cooperation, multi-stakeholder cooperation


The Poliempreende is a contest of ideas and business plans open to all public polytechnics. It brings together teams of students, professors and those whose purpose is to instil and encourage entrepreneurship and provide career opportunities through a self-employment network. Participants recognize that teamwork and additional skills allow them to achieve more accomplished projects. The teams of participants are supported by professors and other technicians that help them develop their project. Monetary prizes are given to top candidates to help them fund their own businesses.


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The teaching and learning process of most of the Portuguese public polytechnic system aims at providing students with professional skills to be used in job-related contexts. Some study cycles offered are profession-oriented, focusing on the enhancement of job related skills and competencies in several regulated professions. Undergraduate study cycle programs make it their concern to attain state-of-the-art requirements that mirror the specific requirements of the professions, being oriented towards the employability of newly graduated students.

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 HAPHE project, 2013-2015


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