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Metropolitan University College

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 multi-stakeholders cooperation, peer learning


The goal of the project is fostering a close relationship between the knowledge produced and the development of the institution’s core services. Research and development work at the Metropol starts and ends with practice. Metropolitan’s broad foundation provides an interdisciplinary approach to research and development and interdisciplinary collaboration in the development of new knowledge. Matchpol provides a platform where students, supervisors and the world of practice develop a bachelor project together.

A project under MatchPol has the following characteristics:

·         It is based on a specific issue of the current or future needs of the profession.

·         It is a collaboration between students and practice or a research and development environment.

·         It contains proposals for relevant actions in continuation of the bachelor project

The choice of methods and the extent of the project must be aligned with the student’s curriculum / guidelines for the bachelor programme.

The students are responsible for ensuring, in close cooperation with the supervisor that the bachelor project meets the study requirements.

Metropol is part of a a large number of strong partnerships partly to solve key problems of the welfare state and, secondly, to develop future welfare solutions.

Lessons learnt

The collaboration between the students and the world of practice and more specifically the private sector has been exciting but also hard and demanding. Owenership is fostered among students and relevant, contemporary topics related to the needs of the world of work can be tackled for each profession.

Additional information

MatchPol has prepared a MatchPol guide. It is a guidance and collaboration tool that will support the students in their cooperation with practice in the project process and can be found at the website.

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There are different contact persons for each profession:

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 HAPHE project, 2013-2015


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