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48 hours camp

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Lillebaelt Academy of professional higher education

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 peer learning; work-based learning; world of work


Each year Lillebaelt Academy in Denmark gives students the opportunity to test their skills in real situations in a company. Over a period of 48 hours students from different disciplines – such as data science, finances, nutrition technology, marketing, and installation technology – review a business and develop different measures for improvement.

Students can apply to participate in this extra curriculum activity. The big challenge for them is to turn ideas into concrete implementable proposals in just two days. One company is selected each year and consultants at Lillebaelt Academy coordinate cooperation with the companies.

In 2013, the third edition of the project was was held with staff and owners of “BF-OKS a/s Hesselagergård”, a company which refines many different types of meat products since 1983. The company had grown a lot in the last few years and the work processes were not optimal. The PHE students received wish lists (for different groups) and set out to prepare proposals for a new framework of enterprise administration. At the end of the 48 hour camp it was obvious that the owners were amazed by the amount of the students’ concrete proposals that could be used to improve the company’s daily operations: Proposal for economic and inventory management systems, recipes for new liver pâté, hygienic studies, an analysis of mortgage proposals for savings on electricity and water consumption, and many more.

Lessons learnt

The camp gives students an exciting opportunity to test their skills and work in a multidisciplinary team of students. It offers an authentic insight into practices and challenges of a company. The business, on the other hand, gets a comprehensive review from a team with a fresh perspective, hence, a result that might otherwise be very costly.

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Alice Petersen, Director of Business Relations

Lillebaelt Academy


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 HAPHE project, 2013-2015


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