FH JOANNEUM is one of Austria`s leading universities of applied sciences and has currently more than 40 highly specialized degree programs in the 6 departments Applied Computer Sciences, Engineering, Health Studies, Building|Engergy&Society, Media&Design, Management), 630 employees and more than 800 affiliated lectures.  FH JOANNEUM considers the production of knowledge and passing it on, as well as research and training, as processes, which are inseparably connected with each other. These are integrated activities, which enrich and strengthen each other. FH JOANNEUM is a university of applied sciences committed to stimulating innovation through R&D in order to meet sustainability goals and societal needs in line with the principle ‘from idea to implementation’. Against this background, research and development is a prerequisite for the internationally recognized education provided by FH JOANNEUM, which is based on permanent transfer of knowledge between teaching and R&D.