Seminar on PHE – Moscow 2015

A Seminar on Professional Higher Education titled ‘Professional Higher Education as a Solution to the Economic Crisis‘ was organised in Moscow (Russia) on 25 September 2015. It is organised by the Association of Non-State Higher Educational Institutions of Russia (ANHEIR/ANVUZ) with the support of EURASHE. Underneath are further information on:

(Photograph: CC by-nc by Mariano Mantel)

Following are EURASHE news items related to the event:

  • Seminar on PHE – Moscow 2015 – Material! 7/10/2015 - EURASHE co-organised a seminar on 25 September in Moscow (Russia) titled ‘Professional Higher Education as a Solution to the Economic Crisis‘. The presentations of the seminar are now online. They... Read more
  • Following is the programme of the event:

    Day 1 – Friday 25 September 2015

    09.00 – Registration

    10.00 – Opening speeches

    Vladimir Zernov, Rector of Russian New University, President of the Association of Non-State Higher Educational Institutions of Russia

    Marina Guskova, adviser to the Head of the Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States, compatriots living abroad and international humanitarian cooperation (Russia)

    10.30 –  Keynote speeches

    ‘Professional Higher Education as an answer to the economic crisis’, Johan Cloet, Secretary General of EURASHE

    ‘Development of Higher Education in Russia: new challenges and responses’, Nikolai Toivonen, Director of the International Department of the Ministry of Education and Science (Russia)

    ‘Higher Education in conditions of crisis: to increase or reduce?’, Oleg Smolin, First Deputy Chairman of the Education Committee of the State Duma (Russia)

    12.20 – Coffee break

    12.40 – Keynote speeches

    ‘Interaction of Higher Education and business as a factor of development’, Anita Lice, Advisor on Education and Employment affairs of the Latvian Employers Federation (Latvia)

    ‘Higher Education and business in Russia: peculiarities of interaction’, Aleksandr Kashirin, Head of Department of Innovations and Strategic Development of the State Corporation “Russian technologies” (Russia)

    14.00 – Lunch

    15.00 – Keynote speeches

    ‘Quality culture and quality management in Professional Higher Education’, Lucien Bollaert, member of the executive board of the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO)

    ‘Quality management in Russian higher education: current state and prospects of development’, Sergey Kravtsov, Head of the Federal Service for
    supervision in the sphere of Education and Science (Russia)

    16.30 – Round table on the outcomes of the conference, conclusions

    17.30 – End of the seminar

    Professional Higher Education as a Solution to the Economic Crisis

    moscow_2The goals and objectives of the seminar:

    • Higher education as a tool for overcoming the crisis in society;
    • Review of the European experience in urgent problems solution in the field of management in higher education;
    • Experience exchange between the participants from Russia and the EU countries.


    The main topics of the seminar:

    • The optimal strategy for management in higher education;
    • Effective collaboration promotion between higher education and business;
    • Quality management in higher education in Russia and the EU;
    • Setting of qualification requirements for the higher educational establishments’ management personnel.
    Following are the speakers of the event:

  • Anita Līce - Anita Līce is an Adviser on Education and Employment Affairs at the Employers’ Confederation of Latvia (LDDK). She is also a member of the Advisory Committees on Vocational Education and... Read more
  • Vladimir Zernov - Vladimir Zernov is Rector of Scientific and Educational Institution at “Russian New University”, a Doctor of Engineering, a Professor, a Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and Editor-in-Chief... Read more
  • Nikolai Toivonen - Dr. Nikolai Toivonen graduated from Petrozavodsk State University in 1984. He was awarded the degree of Candidate of Physics and Mathematics (PhD) by the Leningrad State University named after A.A.... Read more
  • Oleg Smolin - Oleg Smolin has served in the Duma since 1995 and is presently Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Education and Science. Before his tenure in the State Duma, Mr. Smolin... Read more
  • Lucien Bollaert - Lucien Bollaert is an independent international QA expert, keynote speaker at many conferences on QA, author of peer-reviewed articles and visiting professor in New York. He is member of the... Read more
  • Sergey Kravtsov - more to come soon…
  • Johan Cloet - Johan Cloet has been the Secretary General of EURASHE in 2014-2016, which he represented in the Bologna Follow-Up Group (BFUG) and several of its working groups, such as on ‘Structural... Read more
  • Aleksandr Kashirin - Key specialisation – venture and business angel investment. Has successful background of working in Moscow city administration bodies. In business since 1992, and was founder of a number of commercial... Read more
  • Marina Guskova - more to come soon…
  • Following are the practicalities of the event:

    Leading European and Russian experts are participating in the seminar and are presenting papers on the above stated topics.

    The place of the event: Radio St., 22 , Moscow, Russian New University.

    Seminar format: plenary meetings and the round tables, panel discussions. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss the existing programmes of interuniversity cooperation with foreign partners.

    The plenipotentiary of the organising committees: Regional Open Social Institute (ROSI).

    Contact person: Aleksandr Apanasenok, tel: 008 4712 34 38 48 (ext. 210), 007 920 700 90 31, e-mail:



  • Association of Non-State Higher Educational Institutions of Russia (ANHEIR/ANVUZ) - ANHEIR/ANVUZ is engaged in elaboration of recommendations for perfection of a policy in the field of the higher vocational education, perfection of educational process, science development, improving of social status... Read more
  • European Association of Institutions in Higher Education (EURASHE) - EURASHE is the European Association of Institutions in Higher Education that offer professionally orientated programmes and are engaged in applied research within the Bologna cycles. EURASHE represents universities of applied sciences... Read more
  • To participate in the seminar you should:

    1. Fill in the registration form and send it to
    2. Pay the registration fee, which includes participation in all sessions, meals (coffee breaks, lunch), qualified translation, technical support of the presentation, and information materials.

    After a filled application form is received the organisation committee will contact you and send the programme of the seminar and the participation agreement.

    The registration fee is EUR 100 if paid before September 10; EUR 130 if paid September 11-24. The fee does not include travel and accommodation costs.

    download the registration form

    Following are the photographs of the event:

    EURASHE Seminar on PHE