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Following are past events:

EUA New Year reception
Brussels (Belgium), 26 Jan 2017, n/a
EQAR board meeting
Brussels (Belgium), 25 Jan 2017, Michal Karpíšek
Stakeholder Meeting on the European Fund for Structural Investments (EFSI)
Brussels (Belgium), 24 Jan 2017, Anna Toivonen
E4-Group meeting on CBQA
Brussels (Belgium), 24 Jan 2017, Alexandre Wipf
The European Pillar of Social Rights: going forward together
Brussels (Belgium), 23 Jan 2017, Marko Grdosic
FINE Workshop - Pedagogical Innovations in the Development of Nursing Competencies for the Excellence of Care. Which Skills are Needed? What Possibilities are There?
Barcelona (Spain), 19 Jan 2017 - 20 Jan 2017, n/a
EHEA Advisory Group 3 on “Dealing with Non-Implementation”
Zurich (Switzerland), 19 Jan 2017, Michal Karpíšek
Peer-Learning Activity: "Transforming higher education: how we teach in the digital age"
Malta (Malta), 18 Jan 2017, n/a
Meeting with Danish Rectors’ Conference – University Colleges Denmark (UC-DK)
Copenhagen (Denmark), 5 Jan 2017, Michal Karpíšek
Europe’s Response to Sustainability Challenges - Delivering on the UN Agenda 2030
Brussels (Belgium), 20 Dec 2016, Marko Grdosic
OECD Education and Skills Webinar: "PISA 2015: Q&A Session: Closing the achievement gap"
(), 15 Dec 2016, Michal Karpíšek
ECA-NVAO Seminar “Quality Assurance of Cross-Border Higher Education”
The Hague (Netherlands), 15 Dec 2016, n/a
ARES Get-Together Lunch
Brussels (Belgium), 13 Dec 2016, n/a
Social dimension of e-learning – Addressing challenges through QA
Athens (Greece), 12 Dec 2016 - 13 Dec 2016, Ulf-Daniel Ehlers
Project ideas for 2017: Skills are Key! workshop
Brussels (Belgium), 9 Dec 2016, n/a
Workshop on ‘Discovering flexible pathways between VET and PHE’
Brussels (Belgium), 8 Dec 2016, incl. Alan Sherry, Alicia-Leonor Sauli-Miklavčič
Universities as 'anchor institutions' in their local economies: devolution, skills development and supporting entrepreneurship
Manchester (United Kingdom), 8 Dec 2016, n/a
BFUG meeting 52
Bratislava (Slovakia), 8 Dec 2016 - 9 Dec 2016, Stéphane Lauwick, Michal Karpíšek
Pact for Youth webinar: SME engagement in apprenticeships
(), 7 Dec 2016, Marko Grdosic
Innovation in curriculum design - internationalisation, employability and inclusivity
London (United Kingdom), 7 Dec 2016, n/a
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