3rd EQAF – Budapest 2008

budapest_1The E4-Group organised the 3rd European Quality Assurance Forum (EQAF) titled ‘Trends in Quality Assurance‘ in Budapest (Hungary) on 20-22 November 2008. The official website of the event is available here. Underneath are further information on:

(Photograph: CC by-nc-nd by Paolo Margari)

Trends in Quality Assurance

budapest_1The 3rd European Quality Assurance Forum ‘Trends in Quality Assurance’ explored European and international trends in quality assurance. It examined the implications of these developments for quality assurance in European higher education and internationally and asked, specifically, if these developments increase quality levels in higher education.

Following the success of the first two European Quality Assurance fora (respectively, at the Technical University of Munich and Sapienza Universita di Roma), the third forum, co-organised by ENQA, ESU, EUA and EURASHE and supported by the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission, was hosted by Corvinus University (Budapest, Hungary) on 20–22 November 2008.


The specific objectives of this third forum were:  to gain an understanding of how higher education institutions and QA agencies are responding to new forms of accountability; to analyse whether these new forms of accountability the desired impact on quality levels and to examine their unintended consequences.

A post-conference publication Trends in Quality Assurance has been produced, based on some of the papers presented at the Forum as well as more extensive articles. This publication is intended to contribute to the sustainability of the Forum’s outcomes by providing a wider audience with up to date information on current debates on quality assurance in Europe.

Following are the practicalities of the event:


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  • Following is the material of the event: