21st Annual Conference – Nice 2011

nice_1EURASHE organised its 21st Annual Conference titled ‘Examine Expanding Field of Professionally Oriented Programmes in Higher Education‘ in Nice (France) on 31 March-1 April 2011. It is organised by EURASHE, the Assemblé des Directeurs d’IUTs (ADIUT) and the IUT de Nice-Côte d’Azur. Underneath are further information on:

(Photograph: CC by-nc-sa by Kevin Siu)

Following is the programme of the event:

Day 1 – Thursday 31 March 2011

09.00 – Registration for Conference attendants

09.30 – Welcome and Opening Addresses

Henri Alexis, Directeur IUT-Nice and Lars Lynge Nielsen, President of EURASHE (welcome)

Jean-François Mazoin, President of ADIUT, France

Claire Lovisi, Recteur de l’Académie de Nice

10.00 – Keynote speech from a Representative of the world of Employment, Jean-Pierre Lacotte, Vice President of National Union of IUT Presidents, senior staff member of Technicolor Ltd (formerly Thomson)

10.20 – Conference track 1: Professional programmes in different country contexts: their contribution to ‘Innovation’, employment and regional development

Mr Robin-Champigneul, Chef de la Représentation de l’Union Européenne à Marseille, keynote speaker from the European Commission, on the European Commission’s perspective of The role of Universities of Applied Sciences in the European Research Area

Michal Kadera, Director & DP to BUSINESSEUROPE, Czech Republic

Respondents from two models for professional programmes: in the university structure and in a binary system of higher education

Roland Pelurson, IUT-Valence, France

Tim Creedon, Institutes of Technology, Ireland

11.10 – Coffee break

11.30 – Workshops

The two role models on a systemic level and on a practical level

Governance of institutions and relations with stakeholders (systemic level), Richard Thorn, IOT, Ireland; Roland Ocelli, IUT-Marseille, France

Cooperation in applied research and technological applications (practical applications), Mati Lukas, Secretary General, Estonian Rectors Conference; Ronald Guillen, Director of IUT-Nantes

Alternating work & learning, theory and practice, recognition of experiential learning, lifelong learning, etc.

Apprentissage et contrat de professionnalisation (Internship & the professionalisation contract), Jean-Christophe Boisse, IUT-Nice

Projet Professionnel Personnel-PPP (Staff Professionalisation Project), Olivier Hueber, IUT-Nice

Innovative methodology of teaching in professionally oriented programmes, Dan Ole Faaborg, EAIE, Denmark

12.45 – Mediterranean lunch

14.00 – Plenary Session

Round table session with the keynote speakers

European policies regarding Mobility with countries outside the EHEA, Guy Haug, Technical University of Valencia

Collaboration opportunities for Europe with Latin America in the context of the current trends in LA higher education, Wioletta Wegorowska, executive secretary, Santander Group

Luis Paulino, President of the National Technological University, Dominican Republic, partner in the Carriberasmus project

15.20 – Coffee/tea break

15.40 – Workshops

Cooperation with industrial partners in mobility programmes, Carlos Machado, VUB, Erasmus Mundus project coordinator, Flemish University of Brussels

Cooperation of the IUTs of France with Asia, Ronald Guillen, ADIUT-Nantes; Nhan Le Thanh, IUT- Nice; Patricia Pégurier, IUT – Nice

How to succeed for an institution on the Global market, Edwin Van Rest, StudyPortals

Mobility trends in Latin American higher education, Wioletta Wegorowska, executive secretary, Santander Group

17.00 – Reporting from workshops

19.00 – Welcome reception with buffet, offered by the University of Nice and IUT Nice Côte-d’Azur


Day 2 – Friday 1 April 2011

09.30 – Conference track 3: Redefining Quality Assurance: at an institutional level

Quality in higher education, firstly a matter of the institutions, Achim Hopbach, President of ENQA

10.10 – Coffee break

10.30 – Workshops

ESG mapping (English), Bryan Maguire, HETAC, Ireland; Lucien Bollaert, NVAO, Netherlands/Belgium-Flanders

ESG mapping (French), Bruno Curvale, Centre international d’études pédagogiques, CIEP, France

Internal QA of HEIs, with a focus on student guidance, work placements, sandwich courses & other factors of professional HE, Guy Sepahi, IUT-Nice/Nicole Grivelle, IUT-Nice

The internationalising context of quality assurance, accreditation and recognition, Axel Aerden, NVAO, Netherlands/Belgium-Flanders, QROSSROADS and JOQAR projects

12.00 – Buffet lunch

14.00 – Reporting from the workshops on the Implementation of the European Standards & Guidelines for QA, Rapporteur: Lucien Bollaert

Panel discussion on the three conference tracks


Bruno Curvale, CIEP, France

Mr Joly, Ministry of HE, France

Baptiste Baraudou, IUT-Nice student

Examine Expanding Field of Professionally Oriented Programmes in Higher Education

nice_1The 21st EURASHE Annual Conference will bring together leaders in the field of Professional Higher Education for a comprehensive overview of this rapidly expanding area of research and development. The Conference will be held in Nice, France in March, 31 – April, 1 2011 at the Institut Universitaire de Technologie Nice in partnership with ADIUT-France. The Conference is traditionally a meeting of EURASHE’s individual and associate members, outside experts from a range of academic fields and stakeholders to construct a unique range of educational experiences of relevance to professionals from all geographical regions and sectors of European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and from outside the EHEA.

“This year’s conference is particularly important for professional higher education” said conference co-organiser and the Vice-President of the ADIUT Philippe Pierrot. “The IUTs (Instituts Universitaires de Technologie), which form an integrated part of the university system, focus on the professionally oriented programmes in France. These technological and commercial tracks within the university system, contribute to regional development and applied research. The other model that will be presented is the one of the Universities of Applied Sciences, which in many countries in Europe operate independently from the traditional universities, and play a role of their own in the knowledge transfer in the region where they operate.

One of the peculiarities of the IUTs is well-developed co-operation with other ‘regions’ in the world, such as Latin America, Africa and Asia. In addition to the growth in basic research activities related to professionally oriented programmes, we are also looking at the main features of ‘professionally oriented mobility’ outside the EHEA, with examples from the experience of the French IUTs, and other member associations of EURASHE, so as to give a varied picture of mobility in professional and vocational contexts. We would also like to underline the role which technological higher education plays in the policies of town and country planning and as tool mattering from accession in higher education for strata less favoured by society”. Over the next decade, European Professional Higher Education is expected to undergo a profound change because of the ‘Europe 2020 Strategy’. The two tracks of the conference will provide the input for some of the topics in EURASHE’s planned Bologna 2020 publication, based on ‘EURASHE’s Ten Commitments for the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) in 2020 – Visions & Strategies’.

The conference will cover the topic of European Mobility in the global context, and the special role of professional Higher Education: higher interest in applied research, synergies through innovative role of placements; factors and conditions influencing the mobility flows and the position of the individual institution on the global market. Stefan Delplace, Secretary General of EURASHE, underlined that EURASHE would in this upcoming 21st conference pay attention to the unique position of one of its member organisations and compare their achievements to other models in European Higher Education. It will also be an outstanding occasion for EURASHE to develop and present its own involvement in a recently approved Erasmus Mundus project, in the Caribbean Islands, where there is a broad spectrum of professionally oriented institutions and programmes. In a third track of this conference, we will entirely focus on Quality Assurance on an institutional level. Firstly we take the opportunity to present and consult with our members and stakeholders on the actual use in the institutions of the European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance, as part of a project funded by the European Commission, jointly with the European Universities Association (EUA), the European Students Union (ESU) and the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA). Its aim is to evaluate the implementation and application of the ESG after their first five years in existence. The output of the project will be a report to ‘Bologna’ Ministers at their meeting in Bucharest in April 2012. Other workshops will focus on the obstacles for making joint programmes with foreign partner institutions, and the internal quality assurance of higher education institutions related to aspects that are often overlooked such as student guidance, work placements, and other issues that distinguish professional higher education.

Following are the speakers of the event:

  • Bruno Curvale - Bruno Curvale is the Senior Project manager at Centre International d’Etudes Pedagogiques (CIEP) and former president of ENQA.
  • Carlos Machado - Carlos Machado is the International Erasmus Mundus Project Manager at Flemish University of Brussels (VUB).
  • Axel Aerden - Axel Aerden is senior international policy advisor at the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO). He contributes to NVAO’s international policy-making and assessment procedures with an international (cross-border)... Read more
  • Wioletta Wegorowska - The Executive Director is responsible for the execution of the decisions taken by the Executive Committee and the General Assembly, and for the general administrative and financial management of the... Read more
  • Nhan Le Thanh - Nhan Le Thanh represents the University Institute of Technology (IUT)-Nice (France).
  • Ronald Guillen - Ronald Guillen is professor at Nantes University and was a member of the 2010-2012 board of EURASHE. He was at the head of IUT (University Institute of Technology) of Saint-Nazaire and... Read more
  • Henri Alexis - Henri Alexis is the Director of the University Institute of Technology (IUT)-Nice (France).
  • Guy Haug - Played a key role in the shaping and initiating the Bologna Process and the EU’s agenda for the modernization of higher education as part of the Lisbon Strategy (now EU2020),... Read more
  • Claire Lovisi - Claire Lovisi is the recteur of the Academy of Nice, France, the representative of the French Government for Education affairs in the region.
  • Luis Manuel Paulino Marte - I am Dominican and reside in Santo Domingo, a beautiful paradise to live and work. In 1987 I was graduated as a system engineer with honor from the University INTEC.... Read more
  • Roland Pelurson - Roland Pelurson is director of the Valence IUT. After a Ph.D in British civilisation entitled ‘Individual, Society and State’, he joined the Grenoble IUT (a College of Pierre-Mendes France University)... Read more
  • Richard Thorn - Richard is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin (he holds Bachelor and Doctorate degrees in science) and the Institute of Public Administration (MA in Public Management).  He has published over... Read more
  • Dan Ole Faaborg - Ole Faaborg (Denmark) is Director of International Relations at UCN Northern Denmark, with a base in Aalborg. He has a dual background in applied linguistics and strategic management. Ole has... Read more
  • Olivier Hueber - Olivier Hueber represents the University Institute of Technology (IUT)-Nice (France).
  • Jean-François Mazoin - Jean-François Mazoin was President of the Assemblée des Directeurs d’IUTs, France
  • Tim Creedon - Dr Tim Creedon is currently President of the Universities of Applied Sciences (UASnet). He is President Emeritus Institute of Technology, Tallaght (Ireland) and special advisor to the Institutes of Technology... Read more
  • Jean-Christophe Boisse - Jean-Christophe Boisse represents the University Institute of Technology (IUT)-Nice (France).
  • Nicole Grivelle - Nicole Grivelle represents the University Institute of Technology (IUT)-Nice (France).
  • Guy Sepahi - Guy Sepahi represents the University Institute of Technology (IUT)-Nice (France).
  • Baptiste Baraudou - Baptiste Baraudou was member of Consultative National Commission of IUT from 2011 to 2012.
  • Roland Ocelli - Roland Occelli is a professor at University Paul Cezanne in Marseille (IUT). He was the director of this institute from 1996- 2006. Mr Occelli was vice-president of ADIUT until 2009.... Read more
  • Lucien Bollaert - Lucien Bollaert is an independent international QA expert, keynote speaker at many conferences on QA, author of peer-reviewed articles and visiting professor in New York. He is member of the... Read more
  • Mati Lukas - Mati Lukas has been the Secretary General of Estonian UAS Rectors Conference.
  • Claude Joly - Mr Claude Joly represents the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research.
  • Cyril Robin-Champigneul - Cyril Robin-Champigneul has been Head of the EU delegation in Marseille (France).
  • Jean-Pierre Lacotte - Jean-Pierre has spent most of his career within the Thomson group now Technicolor, starting at Thomson-CSF Central Research Laboratory in the Optical Storage Lab. In 1982, he was seconded to... Read more
  • Bryan Maguire - Bryan Maguire is Head of Qualifications Services designate of Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) (Ireland), he was previously Director of Academic Affairs at the Higher Education and Training Awards Council, Ireland... Read more
  • Achim Hopbach - Achim Hopbach holds a PhD in History and has been working in higher education since 1997. Before taking his current post as Managing Director of the Austrian Quality Assurance Agency... Read more
  • Edwin Van Rest - Edwin is the CEO and one of the founders of StudyPortals. He is continuously looking to optimise the long-term world impact. Apart from his overall management tasks, he seeks strategic... Read more
  • Patricia Pégurier - Patricia Pégurier represents the University Institute of Technology (IUT)-Nice (France).
  • Lars Lynge Nielsen - Born 1948, Copenhagen, Denmark. Holds an MA in Psychology from the University of Copenhagen. Lars Lynge Nielsen joined EURASHE in 1998. Previously he held a number of senior positions in... Read more
  • Michal Kadera - Michal Kadera, External Affairs Director at SKODA AUTO, graduated at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen majoring in Law, studied Political Science and graduated at University of Passau, Germany,... Read more
  • Following are the practicalities of the event:


  • Assemblée des Directeurs d’Institut Universitaire de Technologie (ADIUT) - Assemblée des Directeurs d’Institut Universitaire de Technologie (ADIUT) ADIUT represents the 113 IUT established in 80 French Universities. It acts as the coordinating council for the IUT network. Several committees... Read more
  • European Association of Institutions in Higher Education (EURASHE) - EURASHE is the European Association of Institutions in Higher Education that offer professionally orientated programmes and are engaged in applied research within the Bologna cycles. EURASHE represents universities of applied sciences... Read more
  • IUT de Nice-Côte d’Azur - more to come soon…
  • Following are the photographs of the event:

    EURASHE 21st Annual Conference