16th Annual Conference – Dubrovnik 2006

dubrovnik_2EURASHE organised its 16th Annual Conference titled ‘The Dynamics of University Colleges in the EHEA‘ in Dubrovnik (Croatia) on 27-28 April 2006. It is organised by EURASHE with the Croatian Council of Universities and University Colleges of Applied Sciences (VVIVŠ). Underneath are further information on:

(Photograph: CC by by Les Haines)

Following is the programme of the event:

Day 1 – Thursday 27 April 2005

13.45 – Welcome by Mateo Milkovic, Rector of the University of Dubrovnik

Opening of the Conference by Roland Vermeesch, President of EURASHE

Introductory Speech by Zarko Nozica, on behalf of the President of the Council of Croatian Polytechnics

Address by Dragan Primorac, Minister of Science, Education and Sports of the Republic of Croatia

Address by David Coyne, on behalf of EU Commissioner for Education and Culture Ján Figel

14.30 – Conference theme 1: Opening up HE through links with LLL and Vocational Education and Training (VET)

David Coyne, Director of DG EAC of the European Commission: Links between the Bologna process and the Lisbon strategy

Anne-Marie Charraud, Commission nationale de la certification professionnelle (CNCP), Quality Assurance in the LLL process

15.10 – Coffee break

15.30 – Workshops (introductions and examples of best practice, discussions)

Different aspects of adult education within University Centre for Vocational Studies in Split highlighting part-time students training and tailor-made courses, Margita Maleševic, vice-head of the foreign languages department of the University Centre of Vocational Studies

The Role of Quality Assurance in the European Processes, Lucien Bollaert, Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen

Widening Access to HE for all sections of the community; dismantling the barriers that impede success for all who can benefit from HE, Dianne Willcocks, Principal of St. John University College

17.00 – Reports from workshops

19.30 – Welcome reception and buffet


Day 2 – Friday 28 April 2005

9.30 – Conference theme 2: ‘New Masters’ in Higher Education

Mutual Recognition: is my Master’s also your Master’s?, Guy Aelterman, Dutch Flemish Accreditation Organisation (NVAO)

European New Masters in Context, Stefanie Hofmann, Vice-President of ENQA

10.10 – Coffee break

10.40 – Workshops with Case studies from EU and enlargement countries (introductions and examples of best practice, discussions)

New Relationships between Research and Teaching, Bert Hoogewijs, Principal of Hogeschool Gent

QA in Masters Education and Research, Bryan Maguire, Higher Educational and Training Awards Council (HETAC), Ireland

Position of ‘New Masters’ in professional and academic sectors, Alastair Pearce, Principal and Chief Executive of Rose Bruford College, UK

12.15 – Lunch

13.45 – Reports from workshops

Comments from the General Rapporteur of the conference, Soeren Noergaard, Senior Advisor of EURASHE

14.30 – Coffee break

15.00 – Panel discussion: ‘New dynamics in European HE’

Janja Komljenovic, ESIB (The National Union of Students in Europe)

David Crosier, Programme Development Director of EUA (European University Association)

Gaston De la Haye, Deputy General Secretary of EI (Education International)

Serge Schroef, EAIE (European Association for International Education)

with ensuing panel discussion and feedback from the audience

16.15 – Closing event

A message from EURASHE to the Region by Mr. Stefan Delplace, Secretary General of EURASHE

Reply address on behalf of the region by Mladen Havelka, President of the Council of Croatian Polytechnics

Closing of the Conference by Roland Vermeesch, President of EURASHE

19.30 – Gala dinner

The Dynamics of University Colleges in the EHEA

dubrovnik_2We are pleased to welcome you at the 16th Annual Conference of EURASHE, which is taking place in Dubrovnik, Croatia, on 27 and 28 April 2006. The theme of our Conference – The Dynamics of University Colleges in the EHEA, should appeal to a large audience, from both the world of more professionally oriented higher education and of other stakeholders in the broader European Higher Education Area. This year the EURASHE Conference is organised with the collaboration of the Croatian Council of Polytechnics, and it is hosted by the University of Dubrovnik, which has kindly put their Conference Centre at our disposal. The two conference tracks are: Opening up HE through links with LLL and Vocational Education and Training (VET); and ‘New Masters’ in Higher Education. These tracks focus on those issues which are particularly relevant for professional Higher Education in the run up to the next Ministerial conference in London, scheduled for May 2007.

Opening up Higher Education

Promoting an open HEA also means taking into account the diversity of HE, in terms of institutions, HE structures and types of students. EURASHE stands for one system of Higher Education, with different routes for diverse groups of learners. The first track of the conference will cover diverse issues like the recognition of prior learning and work experience, adult education and part-time learning tracks, and how to widen the access of HE by removing barriers, and finally the role of QA in the process of Opening up Higher Education.

New Masters in Higher Education

More and more university colleges are creating new Masters trainings in response to the needs of the market and of civil society at large. In the second conference track you will learn how the different countries go about it to choose new education tracks, taking into account the opinions of important stakeholders, such as students, employers and policy-makers in HE.

I feel confident that the outcome of the Conference will be important in the articulation of the views of Professional Higher Education about the challenging developments in both the Bologna and the Lisbon processes, and will be instrumental in shaping the structure of higher education in the coming years.

Following are the speakers of the event:

  • Søren Nørgaard - Søren Nørgaard, a previous President and Secretary General of EURASHE, he was also Senior Advisor of the organisation. † Søren Nørgaard (Denmark), 5th President of EURASHE (1998 – 2000), 3rd... Read more
  • Mateo Milkovic - Mateo Milkovic is the Rector of the University of Dubrovnik (Croatia).
  • Serge Schroef - Serge Schroef is the International Coordinator of KATHO (Catholic University College of West-Vlaanderen), Belgium; he is also involved in the EAIE (European Association for International Education).
  • Janja Komljenovic - Janja is a Research Assistant – Marie Curie PhD Fellow in the EU Marie Curie Research Network ‘Universities in the Knowledge Economy’. Her research project is about higher education resectoralisation... Read more
  • Anne-Marie Charraud - Anne-Marie Charraud represents the French Commission nationale de la certification professionnelle (CNCP).
  • David Coyne - David Coyne is Director for the ‘European Social Fund (ESF), Monitoring of Corresponding National Policies I and Coordination’. He was previously Director for Education, responsible for co-ordinating the Commission’s education... Read more
  • Guy Aelterman - Guy Aelterman is the former Chief of Staff of Minister for Education and Training of Flanders (Belgium).
  • Mladen Havelka - Mr Mladen Havelka has worked since 1976 as an Associate Professor and Dean of the Polytechnics of Health. Mr Havelka is also member of the Croatian Rectors Conference since 2002.... Read more
  • Stefanie Hofmann - Dr. Stefanie Hofmann has been working in the Bologna Process since 1998, 1998-2002 as project manager for the implementation of Bologna reforms at Greifswald University (Germany), 2002-2003 for the German... Read more
  • Roland Vermeesch - Roland Vermeesch was the General Director of the Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen and the President of EURASHE. He is a past President of the Flemish Council of Hogescholen, as well as Vice-President.... Read more
  • Žarko Nožica - Žarko Nožica is professor and scientist. He obtained his masters and PhD degrees at University of Zagreb (Croatia). Mr Nožica has over 25 years of experience in University (Croatia) and... Read more
  • Margita Maleševic - Ms Margita Malešević is since 2003 a Vice Head of Foreign languages department at University Centre of Vocational Studies in University of Split. Her main activities and responsibilities are lectures:... Read more
  • Lucien Bollaert - Lucien Bollaert is an independent international QA expert, keynote speaker at many conferences on QA, author of peer-reviewed articles and visiting professor in New York. He is member of the... Read more
  • Bert Hoogewijs - Bert Hoogewijs is the General Director of University College Ghent (HoGent) (Belgium).
  • Stefan Delplace - Stefan Delplace became the Secretary General of EURASHE in 2004, a position he occupied until 2014. He represented in the Bologna Follow-Up Group and several of its working and coordination... Read more
  • Alastair Pearce - Prof. Alastair Pearce studied as a musician at the Royal Academy of Music and King’s College London. He has been the Vice-Principal of one of Britain’s principal music conservatoires, the... Read more
  • Bryan Maguire - Bryan Maguire is Head of Qualifications Services designate of Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) (Ireland), he was previously Director of Academic Affairs at the Higher Education and Training Awards Council,... Read more
  • Gaston De la Haye - Gaston became Deputy General Secretary of Education International in 2006, following the decision of the World Confederation of Teachers (WCT) to integrate with EI. As a Senior Consultant to the... Read more
  • Dragan Primorac - Dragan Primorac (born June 7, 1965) is a university professor, pediatrician, geneticist and forensic science expert who became a politician as a member of Croatian Government, serving as the Minister... Read more
  • Dianne Willcocks - Professor Dianne Willcocks is Vice Chancellor at York St John University. An advocate and practitioner for socially inclusive higher education, Professor Willcocks’ major commitment is to promote educational endeavour and... Read more
  • David Crosier - David joined Eurydice, the European Union’s education information network, in September 2008. He is responsible for the network’s activities on higher education. Eurydice is responsible for providing information on education... Read more
  • Following are the practicalities of the event:


  • Croatian Council of Universities and University Colleges of Applied Sciences (VVIVŠ) - Vijeće veleučilišta I visokih škola (VVIVŠ) The Croatian Council of Universities and University Colleges of Applied Sciences (VVIVŠ) is an organization in the Croatian Higher Education System consisting of a... Read more
  • European Association of Institutions in Higher Education (EURASHE) - EURASHE is the European Association of Institutions in Higher Education that offer professionally orientated programmes and are engaged in applied research within the Bologna cycles. EURASHE represents universities of applied... Read more
  • Following are the photographs of the event:

    EURASHE 16th Annual Conference