Testing the Feasibility of a European Graduate Study

EUROGRADUATE_feasibility_reportThe EUROGRADUATE project has published its final outcome, its report on Testing the Feasibility of a European Graduate Study.

Readers have before them the results of a remarkable undertaking, one in keeping with other European multi-national inquiries and analyses. Here is an exemplary case of the search for guidance through pathways of data that do not currently exist. Like the histories of early European explorers, it is reflective of the best of navigational planning. Where are we going and how, the planners ask? What are the unknown territories like? How long will it take to arrive at and return from our destination? What provisions do we need? Who will be in charge? Who will comprise the crew? What are their tasks? These are not unfamiliar questions in European history. They are all asked well in advance of the departure of ships. In fact, the answers to these questions provide benchmarks for determining whether the voyage will take place at all.

Thus, a feasibility study, managed by four organisations in three countries, involving analyses of existing and past studies (both pan-European and individual countries), surveys, and interviews – all covering 34 higher education systems in 32 countries. From ministries to rectors’ conferences, to research groups to student groups: the European Graduate Survey feasibility study explored all, and in depth.

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