EURASHES presents a policy statement for the EHEA Ministerial Conference in Paris

EURASHE presents a policy statement for the The European Higher Education Area (hereafter – EHEA) Ministerial Conference which will be held in Paris on the 24-25 of May. EURASHE’s policy paper includes recommendations to ministers to release the full potential of professional higher education and, therefore, to:
  • Support Regional Engagement
  • Promote life-long learning
  • Recognise short-cycle Higher Education
  • Support innovation in learning and teaching
  • Recognise the role of learning and teaching
  • Respect and promote diversity within Higher Education

Besides that, EURASHE invites the other stakeholders to engage into more constructive dialogue and joint action in order to build a joint vision which enables Europe to progress on transforming higher education institutions into meeting 21st Century challenges and stakeholder expectations. Within this context EURASHE commits to the mapping and promotion of policy developments, identification of relevant instruments, as well as sharing experience and good practices at systemic and institutional levels. 



The European Higher Education Area includes 48 countries, stakeholders, the European association of universities, the representatives of higher education institutions, the representatives of teachers and staff, the European Commission, the Council of Europe, the representatives of employers.