Statutory changes for EURASHE

EURASHE_logoAt the Extraordinary General Assembly on 17 October 2015, members of EURASHE unanimously approved the proposed revision of the statutes of the association. The statutes have been revised with a view to improve clarity, increase transparency of responsibilities and decision-making processes, simplify the membership structure and enhance the members’ involvement in the association.

To enable an efficient strategic and operational management, the structure of the association is now composed of 4 bodies:

  • the General Assembly (meeting twice a year),
  • the Board,
  • the Committee for Strategic Advice,
  • the Secretariat.

The Council ceases to exist. The size of the Board is larger with 10 members, members of the Board are also chairs of the Working Groups, thus making the Working Groups statutory. The Secretary General is no longer a member of the Board and his/her mandate is increased from 2 to 4 years. A consultative and advisory body is created, called Committee for Strategic Advice, composed of EURASHE members, stakeholders from the world of work, other stakeholders of professional higher education and other experts.

The membership structure is made up of 3 categories, Full, Associate and Affiliate Member. Being a European association, EURASHE’s core membership lies within the EHEA and is composed of higher education institutions and associations of higher education institutions.

The new statutes are expected to come into force in early 2016, once authenticated by notary deed and officially published in the Belgian official gazette. The statutes will be published once legally binding. They are available in the members’ area for EURASHE members.

Members’ Area