EURASHE project on apprenticeships will help to find new talents easier

Numerous studies show that small businesses are unable to find suitable employees limiting their opportunities for a growth while raising costs. At the same time, Professional higher institutions (hereafter-PHE) not always think of Small and Medium enterprises (hereafter-SMEs) as potential partners to send their students for placements. Finally, Europe still suffers from relatively high unemployment – a phenomenon known as the skills gap. This means that the skills which the population currently hold are not necessarily the skills employers need. is an initiative of the SAPS project funded by the Erasmus+ Support for Policy Reform programme, realised in a collaboration among 10 members from different countries around Europe, including EURASHE. The aims of the project are twofold: to systemise the apprenticeship practices between PHEIs and SMEs, and re-shape the image of apprenticeship for SME with a multi-lingual promotional campaign.

‘We are very happy being involved in this project because apprenticeships are playing an increasingly important role for both – higher education institutions and the world of work and it is important that the right structures are in place to ensure that they equip people with the right skills. During a period of 2 years of the project our organisation was also enriched with a knowledge and good examples on implementation of apprenticeships programmes that we are successfully adapting in other our projects like Mentortrain, SAT, SPRINT and ApprenticeshipQ’, – highlights Michal Karpíšek, Secretary General of EURASHE.

The project develops supportive materials for SMEs, while at the same time improving the procedures of PHE institutions go make them more open to apprenticeships One the examples, Apprenticeship Quality Toolkit which provides a hands-on, easy-to-use management tool for PHEIs and SMEs, to ensure the quality of the apprenticeships and a beneficial cooperation for all. The Toolkit follows a quality management system style approach and works in two directions: inside-in, by structuring the organisational processes for successful collaboration for apprenticeships delivery, and inside out, as a quality assurance tool for transparency.

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