EURASHE has a new President – Congratulations and Thanks!

From the 1st of June on Stéphane Lauwick is the new President of EURASHE. He is the successor of Andreas G. Orphanides, whose mandate came to an end after four years of presidency. Michal Karpíšek was reelected for a new mandate as Vice-President of EURASHE.

EURASHE_new_president_2Stéphane Lauwick, Director of the Institut Universitaire de Technologie (IUT) of Le Havre and Vice-President for international relations at the ADIUT, is 55 years young. He is a professor of English, lectured at the University of New England and Sydney and after a management career as a director of programme, Head of department, director of the Life Long Centre, became the Director of the IUT – Le Havre in 2011. Stéphane has been an active and appreciated member of the Board of EURASHE.

Michal_Karpisek_CZMichal Karpíšek
, is executive officer of CASPHE (Czech Association of Schools of Professional Higher Education). He holds a master degree in Quality management of the University of Cranfield (UK) and a degree of Engineering in Construction of the Prague Technical University. As an active and appreciated member, Michal Karpíšek has been serving as a Vice-President and member of the Board of EURASHE since 2007 and chairs the working group on Employability & Lifelong Learning.

Andreas_G_Orphanides_CYAndreas G. Orphanides
 served for four years as President and previously for six years as Vice-President in charge of Bologna and quality assurance matters. He was involved in the expansion of EURASHE within and outside Europe with membership of all types of higher education institutions that are professionally orientated. He also focused the role of EURASHE in the Bologna Process and in the EHEA, serving to promote the best interests of European higher education in general, and of professionally orientated higher education institutions in particular.

The General Assembly of EURASHE congratulates its new President and Vice-President wishing them a continued fruitful involvement in our organisation. The General Assembly of EURASHE is also grateful to Andreas G. Orphanides for his involvement and commitment in EURASHE, contributing to making it a strong organisation.