EURASHE invites to the Reversed Peer Learning Activity on Learning & Teaching in Warsaw

EURASHE together with the Conference of Rectors of State Schools of Higher Vocational Education in Poland (KRePUZ) are inviting to the Reversed Peer Learning Activity: Learning & Teaching in Professional Higher Education (PHE) which will take place on the 8th of March in Warsaw, Poland.

The event will reflect the Polish national policy debate on learning and teaching agenda within professional higher education with emphasis on the following issues:

  • Future challenges of the labour market
  • Digitalisation and digital transformation of PHE institutions
  • Integration of academic and profession-oriented elements into programmes of PHE, learning outcomes and transversal skills and competences
  • Learning methodology supporting professional character, work-based learning elements and links between students’ learning and research activities

The event will also provide a space for a mutual sharing of views within the small groups on the aforementioned topics.

The event is free of charge. 

Background paper.

Event programme.  


Event report. 


A reversed peer-learning approach allows EURASHE to support its members’ discussions on role and various aspects of mission of PHE, on Bologna process and their reflection in national policies. It builds upon a national report with key issues and concerns. The concept is based on a national background document indicating key issues within the specific area selected by the hosting organisation (most likely the national association of institutes of professional higher education), their reflection from the view of international experts and workshop discussions among the local and international participants.

Expected scope of the event is about 30 participants bringing together representatives of professional higher education from the country and abroad.