EURASHE invited Universities of Applied Sciences leaders to gather for the 4th time

Last week EURASHE invited Universities of Applied Sciences (hereafter-UAS) leaders to gather at the 4th UAS Leadership Forum in Brussels. This time, top UAS representatives had an opportunity to exchange views on various aspects on benchmarking higher education system, mission and role of UAS and practical issues of translating these into the EC driven European universities network initiative.

The first presentation by Gabriele Marconi, representative of OECD covered preliminary findings from the ongoing project on ‘Benchmarking higher education system’. UAS leaders had an exclusive opportunity to get first insights into the in-depth analysis of the HE systems performance with a focus on UAS role, its main strengths and challenges, conclusions how and why some higher education systems perform better in some areas than others. The presentation was followed by University college Absalon report containing conclusions on mapping a position and concept of Universities of Applied Sciences in the institutional landscape of higher education in the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

The second part of the Forum was devoted to the developing European university networks concept and Universities of Applied Sciences role within the initiative. Irene Hermans, a Head of Strategy Department of UC Leuven Limburg shared their practical experience in building a partnership for the upcoming European Commission’s ‘pilot’ call. Presentations were followed by informal discussions facilitated by the former EURASHE Secretary General Johan Cloet.

‘It’s essential for leaders of Universities of Applied Sciences to gather together and exchange views on current topics, discuss and search decisions together, finally – to network, which is crucial for building a strong UAS Leadership. For EURASHE the Forum is also a great opportunity better understand the needs of the community, and we are happy having served as a platform of exchange for the fourth time’, – says Michal Karpíšek, Secretary General of EURASHE.

EURASHE launched the UAS Leadership Forum to strengthen cooperation with the top leaders of universities of applied sciences in 2017. The purpose of the Forum is to mobilise community support within and beyond the higher education and to bring together presidents, rectors, vice-rectors, general directors of European universities of applied sciences and policy makers providing an excellent opportunity for informal discussions, influence on policies and networking.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to find out more about the UAS Leadership Forum, have any questions or suggestions.

Ms Dovile Sandaraite


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