EURASHE contributes to the selection of new members of the Ukrainian Accreditation Council

Last week 22 new members of the National Accreditation Council (hereafter-Council) were selected in Ukraine. The newly formed Council marks the achievement of the Selection Committee work which was also comprised of E4 members-EURASHE, EUA, ENQA, and ESU.

The importance of the Selection Committee is considered to be significant since the former Accreditation Council had lost its credibility in the public eye and higher education sector due to its lack of transparency, integrity, and honesty. The current Selection Committee had a responsibility to set higher selection standards and nominate 23 members of the Council who fully meet the position’s requirements. One remaining place is planned to be filled in the upcoming months.

‘We learned that before anybody could have been accredited, even higher education providers offering services at the railway station. Therefore, our responsibility was not only to nominate candidates who are credible and eligible for the position but also bring back transparency and public belief in the mission and activities of the Council itself, – shares her impressions Assoc. Prof. Patricia Georgieva, representative of EURASHE.

Newly elected members of the Accreditation Council still has to be appointed by the Council of Ministers of Ukraine and undergo special training on quality assurance. The Selection Committee is appointed for the period until 2020.

Background information

National Accreditation Council is the primary body making the accreditation decisions, setting accreditation methodology and nominating evaluation committees and review experts.