Over 40 case studies on equity available

IDEAS_pictureThe IDEAS project focuses on identifying higher education equity interventions that work, improving access to higher education in Europe. The main outcome, the IDEAS database, contains over 40 examples of equity interventions from around the world. These case studies address topics such as access to higher education, completion rates, minorities, gender, counselling, student services, peer learning and more. Each intervention is defined as a specific programme, project or activity, which was designed to improve access to, participation in or completion of higher education for students from underrepresented groups. The project team has specifically looked for interventions that were implemented by individual institutions, departments, NGOs or individuals and which show good practice by having their success proved in terms of time, measurable results, efficiency, innovation and visibility.

The project will publish a white paper in the upcoming weeks based on the outcomes of the research, the quality of collected cases and the activities of the partners on the topic of the social dimension of higher education. The white paper will present policy recommendations for creating an inclusive environment in higher education.

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