Training material on the ESG 2015

EQUIP_blockOn 6-7 June, the EQUIP project organised its final training workshop on the ESG 2015, after two other workshops and two webinars. A wide range of training material on the ESG 2015 is now available on the project website here. Next to the ESG 2015, a comparative analysis of the ESG 2015 and ESG 2005 is also available, as well as all contributions to the workshops and webinars: presentations and recordings.

These five events addressed changes in external quality assurance as a result of the ESG 2015; the implications of the new focus on learning and teaching in the ESG 2015; student-centred learning; admission, progression, recognition and certification in view of the ESG 2015; new modes of delivery, including e-learning and dual education programmes; and the enhancement of programmes by connecting internal and external quality assurance.

The project now moves on to the analysis and study of implementation challenges, good practices, and proposed approaches to solving these challenges. Several focus groups will be organised to this end in the spring and early autumn of 2017.

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