Elda Nikolou-Walker

Elda Nikolou-Walker joined Middlesex University in 2014. Elda is a Senior Lecturer in the Business School of Middlesex University. Elda holds both programme leadership and programme development responsibilities within the Business School.She is also a Module Leader for undergraduate and postgraduate modules in Work Based and Professional Studies.
Earlier in her career Elda worked as a Senior Lecturer (Education), in the School of Education, Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland.  She has also made a contribution to the growing body of literature in the field of Work-Based Learning with her book The Expanded University: Work-Based Learning and the Economy. (Nikolou-Walker,E.(2009)The Expanded University: Work-Based Learning and the Economy. Essex. Pearson.(ISBN 978-1-84658-896-9).
The format of the book and its range of theoretical models and approaches assist in applying new insights and thinking to the vast array of work-based situations that might be encountered.
 More recently, Elda has been working with professionals from around the world and helping them to develop their own professional practice. This has included working with students from sectors as diverse as, finance, construction, teaching and aviation.

EdD(Educational Doctorate), FAETC, MEd, BA (Hons)