EURASHE involved in Revision of the ECTS Users’ Guide

ects-guide_enEURASHE has been involved in the Bologna Follow-Up Group (BFUG) Ad-Hoc Working Group on the Revision of the ECTS Users’ Guide along with representatives of Armenia, Austria, Belgium/Flemish Community, Germany, France, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Moldova, Sweden, Ukraine, UK, EUA, ESU, and ENQA.

EURASHE is represented in the Group by Sandra Kraze, BA School of Business & Finance (Latvia), member of the Council of EURASHE. Sandra Kraze is a Bologna Expert for Latvia and was member of the drafting group of ECTS Users’ Guide in  2009. EURASHE is also contributing through Sylvie Bonichon, La Providence Institution (France) as an external RPL expert. Sylvie Bonichon is a Bologna Expert for France.

Specifically the Group is tasked with preparing a revised version of the ECTS Users’ Guide by mid-2014, by reflecting on policy development and implementation in the area of ECTS and learning outcomes since the previous revision of the ECTS Users’ Guide in 2009, giving consideration to issues such as the following (and including in its scope further issues to be identified in consultation with the Working Group and external experts):

  • Linking ECTS better with student workload and learning outcomes;
  • ECTS in short-cycle provision, in 1st and 2nd cycle programmes of different length and in 3rd cycle;
  • Including the attainment of learning outcomes in assessment procedures;
  • Reflecting the developments in the area of the recognition of prior learning and with relation to the new EU Directive on Professional Qualifications;
  • Reflecting on the use of the Grading table in Annex 3 of the current ECTS Users’ Guide.

The first meeting of the Ad-hoc WG on the revision of the ECTS Users’ Guide was held on 25 February 2013 in Brussels, Belgium. The meeting was chaired by the European Commission and hosted 19 participants.

More information is available on the dedicated website here.