4th Conference of DOBA Faculty – Maribor, Slovenia

DOBA_logoDOBA Faculty of Applied Business and Social Studies Maribor invites you to attend the Dynamic Entrepreneurship for Economic Growth – Promoting sustainable growth for the prosperity and new jobs scientific conference with international attendance that will be organised on 7 and 8 May 2012 at the Habakuk Hotel in Maribor in cooperation with the Ministry of the Economy of the Republic of Slovenia, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia and the Dnevnik publishing house.

This year’s central theme is dynamic entrepreneurship and the contribution of companies with high growth potential to the reactivation of economic growth. The conference is aimed at reacting to the challenges of the environment, which is eagerly awaiting development and growth, while at the same time facilitating dialogue between the economy and higher education for a comprehensive approach.

Furthermore, you are invited to present your views and your activities relating to the theme of the conference with a scientific paper.