Announcing a EURASHE community of practice: quality of higher education

After several years concentrating on policy developments and activities on the system-level, with the revision of the ESG for example, EURASHE will extend its work to provide more direct practical support to members and HEIs in Europe.

Such activities since 2012 have already included seminars on quality assurance and the sponsoring of the Manual for IQA. But to be more practical and provide more support to members, as requested by them, EURASHE aims to develop communities of practices in the coming years.

In 2017 EURASHE will launch a community of practice centred on the area of quality of higher education. It will be the cornerstone of its further practical support to colleagues in institutions.

A community of practice centres around a “group of people who share a concern or passion” for a common topic “and learn how to do it better as they interact” (for more on the concept of communities of practice see Such a community is defined by three characteristics: its ‘domain’, ‘community’ and ‘practice’.

We aim to propose a EURASHE community of practice: quality of higher education:

  • Addressing the overall theme of quality of higher education, with a focus on various topics along the way as required by its members and recent developments in higher education;
  • Supporting a community of institutional actors, members of EURASHE, that have expressed their need for more exchange not simply with experts or events’ speakers, but with peers and colleagues from HEIs;
  • Providing opportunities for peer-learning, going beyond the traditional format of seminars and conferences and concentrating on the direct exchange of experience, expertise and learning between all involved.
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