EURASHE calls for continuing opportunities for collaboration with British higher education

Photograph CC by-sa by Charles Clegg

EURASHE, as a European representation of universities of applied science and other type of institutes of professional higher education, would like to express its regrets on the result of the British citizens’ vote in favour of leaving the European Union. During the campaign, higher and college education representatives in the United Kingdom declared their commitment to a common future and mutual collaboration with their European counterparts.

Although the period of uncertainty that opens today may complicate joint collaboration within international projects, EURASHE advocates and is ready to seek flexible, yet realistic arrangements to allow the development of mutually valued partnerships, exchanges of experience and common efforts to meet the expectations of our students, staff, institutions and societies. We believe that there is no alternative other than continuing mutual discussion, collaboration and learning with our British colleagues, and we will always welcome them to inspire and join in shared initiatives.