Collection of good practices and lessons learnt

EURASHE aims to launch this year an open platform of case studies, good practices and other inspirational attempts for development and enhancement within professional higher education. We would like to invite you to contribute to this platform by sharing with us such good practices and lessons learnt that you have already gathered through your projects, events and publications. Our long-term aim is to gather in one place a pool of inspirational plans, implemented and recognised activities, as well as attempts which have not necessarily succeeded in their implementation due to various reasons; which have already been collected and reviewed.

Our research already yielded about 50 cases and examples of various practices in a wide range of areas of higher education. We have a medium-term goal of gathering 100 such examples. Having such a platform could also be beneficial to promote and share your future activities and outcomes. As contributor you would of course be given visibility on the platform. All cases will be attributed to their original author, and to the original ‘discoverer’ of the case, whether a project or an organisation.


4_GOOD collection
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