Council of Europe supports Academic Emergency Assistance for Syrian Students Abroad

CoE_Syria_logoThe Global Platform 4 Syrian Students is a multi-stakeholders initiative launched by former President of Portugal, Jorge Sampaio, with the support of a core-group of partners, namely the Council of Europe and the League of Arab States, the Institute of International Education (IIE) and some governments.

The UfM Secretariat has also been providing assistance and advice to this initiative. Moreover consultations are being held with the Secretariat of the UfM to develop further this initiative. It aims at providing emergency scholarships and grants to Syrian students whose education has been interrupted by the current crisis.

This initiative is unique in that it effectively brings together the efforts of various stakeholders willing and able to back an emergency mechanism to support Syrian students: governments, international and regional organizations, donor agencies, universities, foundations, NGOs of different cultural backgrounds and faith-based organizations, the private sector and individuals.

The Council of Europe, and EURASHE, encourage all higher education institutions to consider offering support.

View the announcement here. View the application form here. View the FAQ sheet here.