CALOHEE project update


The CALOHEE project aims at helping find the answers to the following questions: do students enrolled in higher education around Europe develop the competences they need?, are study programmes delivering their promises?, and can we learn to compare students’ achievements in different countries in a meaningful way?

Participating higher education institutions in the CALOHEE project were invited at the end of April 2016 to complete two questionnaires: on typical degrees offered in the subject area concerned; on typical occupations obtained and held by graduates, and typical tasks performed in the setting of their professional life. The information collected serves as input for the report on the qualifications framework/reference points for each of the five subject areas involved.

On 17 June 2016 the second combined meeting of the CALOHEE Advisory Board and its Quality Assurance Board took place in Brussels. The meeting offered the possibility to evaluate and discuss the outcomes of the first general meeting of the project which took place a month before. The challenges regarding the preparation of assessment frameworks were also discussed.

More information is also available on the project website here.