QACHE Gulf Regional Forum

Starts on: 19 November 2014
Ends on: 20 November 2014
Title: QACHE Gulf Regional Forum
Organiser: QACHE
Place: Bahrain (Bahrain)
Date: 19 Nov 2014 - 20 Nov 2014
Representative: n/a
Documents: n/a
Summary: A small scale regional forum will be organised targeting the ANQAHE member agencies in the Gulf region. The events are designed to gather around 25 participants from QA agencies and other relevant actors in CBHE in the region. All project partners from Europe will also participate in the event, both to present outcomes of the other project activities and the European cases, as well as to discuss needs and opportunities for collaboration between agencies and relevant authorities in the future. The event will take place after the data collection in Europe has been finalised, and when the agency surveys in each of the regions have been completed. The Gulf Regional Forum will take place on 19-20 November 2014 and be hosted by ANQAHE in Bahrain.
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