European platform on Higher Education conference

Starts on: 30 January 2012
Ends on: 30 January 2012
Title: European platform on Higher Education conference
Organiser: MODERN
Place: Brussels (Belgium)
Date: 30 Jan 2012
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The new EU Communication Supporting growth and jobs – an agenda for the modernisation of Europe's higher education systems (September 2011) highlights once more the need for Member States and European higher education institutions to play a much more proactive role in contributing to the development of a smart, dynamic and sustainable competitive economyin the Knowledge Society which is also at the heart of the EU2020 Strategy.Over the past decade EU policies have resulted in higher education undergoing a number of transformations triggered among others by the Bologna Process and the Lisbon Agenda, yet the Commission highlights that “the full potential of higher education institutions is still underexploited. Europe has too few world-class universities and needs a much wider diversity of institutions to address different needs”.

One of the most urgent challenges for university leaders and managers is the need to develop powerful strategies to address the many challenges in global settings and ensure their institutions’ long term sustainability in highly competitive environments.

-  How does your institution engage with its external environment in regional and global settings? How can you rely on a dynamic dialogue and multiple interactions between universities, businesses, governments and society at large in order to stimulate the creation, transfer and application of new knowledge? -  As primarily publicly-funded knowledge institutions, how can you demonstrate that you are creating strong public value and relevance both in research and education, making your knowledge available to solve the many complex problems of society and supporting the skills agenda for the labour market?

-  What is your institution’s unique setting and strategic profile to “face the rankings” and improve your performance.  How can you develo-confp strong data collection and market intelligence to support your decision-making?

-  How can you reform your internal governance, management and operations to support strong innovation?  How can you develop an organisational culture sufficiently flexible to address the needs of society with innovative approaches?

The conference will take a close look at the EU communication, its impact on higher education institutions and the future opportunities it will offer in the new programmes under the next multiannual financial framework 2014-2020, i.e. the new integrated Education Europe, Horizon 2020 and the Cohesion programmes. It will build on the outcomes of the Modern European platform on Higher Education Modernisation.



Speakers will include senior policy-makers from the European Commission, senior university leaders and specialists in leadership and management development programmes in the sector. 

Download the agenda and register to the event, by visiting the project website!

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