LEMONOC Conference

Starts on: 22 September 2015
Ends on: 22 September 2015
Title: LEMONOC Conference
Organiser: LEMONOC
Place: Brussels (Belgium)
Date: 22 Sep 2015
Representative: n/a
Documents: n/a
Summary: This event offers experts and stakeholders in learning mobility a platform for exchange and networking. Keynote presentations and working groups will address the expectations and challenges, institutional processes and organizational enablers, as well as good practices and lessons learned. The LEMONOC conference will enable the participants
  • to develop and reflect critically upon the vision and expectations concerning learning mobility North-South in higher education,
  • to know the LEMONOC guiding criteria for quality in learning mobility North-South,
  • to get to know the LEMONOC instruments for quality,
  • to formulate aspects for quality improvement of the institutional practices.
More on the project website here.
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