BuildPHE training week

Starts on: 6 February 2017
Ends on: 10 February 2017
Title: BuildPHE training week
Organiser: BuildPHE project
Place: Brussels (Belgium)
Date: 6 Feb 2017 - 10 Feb 2017
Documents: n/a
Summary: The core objective of the project is to stimulate changes in institutional policies and practices, by leveraging the power of quality assurance processes to identify issues and implement solutions. The design of those solutions relies on collecting and analysing practices, and learning from the experiences of other institutions in addressing similar issues. Thus, the value of the BuildPHE training week is to provide an appropriate forum for in-depth examination of these practices, and to give an opportunity for decision-makers from participating institutions to learn from each other’s experiences and practices. This is essential to bring together the self-assessment activities, and the best-practice collection activities being conducted in the project, so as to translate them into customised interventions in each of the participating institutions. More on the BuildPHE project here.
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