Dirk G. Bochar

Dirk G. Bochar is Secretary General of the European Engineers Federation (FEANI) since 2010, a European umbrella Organization covering 33 National Engineering Associations from the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), including Russia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, etc. and in that capacity representing the interests of some 6 million engineers. In recent years he established the FEANI National Members Forum, organized the European Engineers Day, inaugurated the Engineers Europe Advisory Group as a consortium of professional Organizations from academia, employers and engineers, and developed a European database on available Engineering Institutions and Programs in the EHEA. He represents the interests of the engineering profession at the EU Institutions and was also (2012-2018) Vice-President of the European Network for the Accreditation of the Engineering Education (ENAEE). He previously worked (2001-2009) as Managing Director of Europe Net NV, the European umbrella Organisation for roadside assistance to HGVs (automobile clubs) and as Liaison Officer at CEN/CENELEC for the European standardization of electronic components. He holds a Master Degree from the University of Ghent (BE) and an MBA from the City University of Seattle (USA).