Annick Dhooge

Annick Dhooge obtained her PhD in Sciences from the University of Ghent in 2005. In 2007 she started her career at the Erasmus University College as a lecturer in the professional bachelor program Applied Informatics. A common thread throughout her career is the importance of the professional field as a stakeholder. In 2012 she created support for intensified collaboration with the professional field. In consultation with all teachers, a theme was chosen that could provide a great added value for the teachers and students associated with this department: Mobile. So in 2012 she started the initiative “Low-level expertise center Mobile” at the department Design & Technology through which companies, organization could easily find their way to the programs of the department and their students. In her function as head of research, she made this a more global initiative that was incorporated in the operation of the different research knowledge centers at the Erasmus University college. In 2016 she developed the program Partners in Education in the specialization Business IT of the professional bachelor program Applied Informatics where students increasingly come into contact with their professional field through initiatives such as guest-lectures, internships, speed dates during a job fair, …. Finally, she is using this experience to advise the different programs at the department on the development of their relationships with the various stakeholders in her function as quality assurance coordinator of the department Design and Technology.