University of Primorska (UPR)

The efforts for establishing of University of Primorska had begun almost a century ago, but the realization of the project started after Slovenia proclaimed independence. In 1992, a study of higher education development in the Primorska region was published, and the following year, a letter of intent, containing the idea of founding a higher educational centre, was signed. In 1995, Science and Research Centre of the Republic of Slovenia was established as a source of intellectual potential for the imminent university. In 1996, Higher Education Centre in Koper was launched with the intent of stimulating and directing higher education development in the Primorska region, as well as preparing the legal documents, necessary for the founding of university. In 1998 a letter of support, attesting the need for UP, was signed by economic subjects of Primorska region and regional Chamber of Commerce. Within the Higher Education Centre, the Project Board of University of Primorska was established.

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