University of Iceland (UoI)

The University of Iceland (UoI) is a state university founded in 1911, as a broad national university. It is divided into five schools – Schools of Humanities, Social Sciences, Medicine, Natural Sciences and Engineering, and Education – and 25 faculties. Currently it has around 14,000 students and staff of around 1,200. It offers programmes on all levels of studies (bachelor, masters and doctoral) in most of the fields that are on offer. The UoI is the only comprehensive university in Iceland, and thus the most important centre for both research and teaching at university level in the country. The History Department at the UoI was active in the Tuning Educational Structures in Europe I-IV projects (2001-2009) and other of the SQF Humart project as well as other Tuning related projects. Before that it was also a member of the pilot project developing the ECTS system.

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