University of Tuscia

Tuscia University no longer ranks as a small University, but has taken its place amongst Italy’s medium size Universities, exceeding the 11,000 mark of enrolled students. The full application of the new “3 + 2” formula in all of the six faculties of Tuscia University is in keeping with the teaching, cultural and professional homogeneity which increasingly characterises the United Europe. In accordance with Ministry provisions, we have changed our courses and made them more similar to European courses, whilst at the same time adding originality and creativity. Tuscia University has now become most important educational and cultural interlocutor for the Italian Arm Forces. We have put in place a number of degree courses for non-commissioned officers together with the Air Force (Aereonautica Militare), an activity which up until now was carried out by the Caserta Academy (Scuola di Caserta) and which will soon be transferred to Viterbo.

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