University of Brighton

The University of Brighton is a diverse and multidisciplinary institution of c.22,000 students of which 3,000 are international. It has 5 campuses in Brighton, Eastbourne and Hastings. The University is defined by its commitment to socially purposeful and professional education and to the integration of pedagogic excellence and innovation and impactful research. Its mission is to provide a balance of scholarship, research and practical application in educating future generations of critical and employable citizens for lifelong careers, with a specific emphasis on professional formation in subjects including medicine, education, creative industries and pharmacy. Committed to fulfilling its civic and social responsibilities it aims to be a partner of choice and is actively engaged with local and global communities in developing a shared understanding of what it is to be human and of human potential in shaping social justice and equality in a sustainable world. The university has a rich portfolio of undergraduate, postgraduate and research degrees and a network of regional and international partnerships that enhance both institutional and student learning and providing placement, employment and research opportunities at all academic levels. Its mission is underscored by expertise in socially engaged education through its Community University Partnership Programme, which provides the infrastructure for such brokerage.

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