University College Cork (UCC)

Today the university has over 18,000 students, of which there are over 12,000 undergraduate degree candidates. This student base is supported by 2,747 staff, of which 762 are faculty. There are 1153 non academic staff and 832 research staff. The university is one of Ireland’s leading research institutes, with the highest research income in the state. The university’s internal research reputation spans all of its faculties where it offers over 120 degree and professional programmes through seven schools and 27 departments. The university had seven faculties in Arts and Celtic Studies, Commerce, Engineering, Food Science and Technology, Law, Medicine, and Science. In recent years,the University has been restructured so that it now has four colleges: Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Science; Business and Law; Medicine and Health; and Science, Engineering and Food Science. UCC is home to the Irish Institute of Chinese Studies, which allows students to study Chinese culture as well as the language through Arts and Commerce. The department recently won the European Award for Languages 2008.

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