University of Arts “George Enescu” from Iasi (UAGE)

The endeavour to excel in three different art domains causes the University of Arts “George Enescu” of Iaşi to have a special configuration in the field of the art higher education. It meets the requirements of quality and diversity of the education offer, whose parameters are determined at national as well as international level, with a permanent connection to the international reality of the domain. The curriculum structure resonates permanently with the evolution of the competencies required of the graduates, it is in contact with the realities of the parameters needed for enrolment in the creation profession, as well as in that of art education, now present in the labour market. For this purpose, the University pays close attention to the strategic priorities in the scientific, artistic, and educational research that shape the construction and the training, through continued improvement, of a teaching body that is both well-trained and adapted to the everyday reality.

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