Tajik Agrarian University named Shirinsho Shotemur (TAU)

In 1931 on the base of agricultural faculty of State University of the Central Asia was set up Central Asian Fruit-and-Vegetable Institute in the city of Khujand. First were organized 13 specialized chairs which teachers trained 25 students and 336 students of working faculty. According to prospects of development of branches of agriculture there was an expansion of structure of preparation of specialists. In 1934 the institute has been reorganized and renamed into the Tajik Agricultural Institute. In 1992 taking into account scientific and pedagogical potential of the staff in the field of agrarian and industrial complex, by the decision of Council of Ministers of Tajikistan from August, 10, 1992 ยน 311 was reorganized into Tajik Agrarian University. By the Decision of the Government of Tajikistan (#311 from October 31, 2009) Tajik Agrarian University was renamed to Tajik Agrarian University named after Shirinsho Shotemur. Now at university study 6500 students. For years of the existence the institute has prepared more than 35 thousand experts of higher education. Now there are 9 faculties at university: agronomical, agrobusiness, zoo- engineering, veterinary, economic, horticulture and biotechnology of agriculture, mechanization of agriculture and hydromeliorative and prepares experts on 31 specialities.

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