Qafqaz University (QU)

Qafqaz University was founded in 1993, by decree of the Azerbaijani Republic’s National Assembly and approval by the Cabinet of Ministers. Qafqaz University was the first and continues to be the only prominent and prestigious foreign private university active in Azerbaijan. Qafqaz University acts as a mediator and educational bridge between Turkish and Azerbaijan governments combining law experience, administrative and technical knowledge of Turkey and positive features of unique and entirely different political and administrative background of Azerbaijan. We strive to expand knowledge, advance individual of our students, open their minds, enhance independent thinking, and enable students to take best advantage. Learning opportunities at Qafqaz University should liberate domestic and international students to explore, seek, develop, create, challenge, and lead. With its dedication to the pursuit of excellence Qafqaz University offers unique opportunities across a broad spectrum of academic, research and social environments.

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